SCCM 2012 – Manually install the SCCM client

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We have been using SCCM 2012 (System Center Configuration Manager 2012) for a while and every time we add a workstation to the domain the SCCM client and endpoint protection is installed automatically. Recently there was an issue where the client would not automatically install. The only difference from all other workstations was that this was a MacBook Pro with a virtual instance of Windows 8.1 Pro (using VMware Fusions v7). The VM was on the domain and I could not find the reason why the client would not install. I ended up having to install the client manually.


To manually install the client open up the Windows run window (Windows button + r) then type the following command:


\\SCCMServerName\sms_XXX\client\ccmsetup.exe /mp:SCCMServerName SMSSITECODE=XXX

SCCMServerName – Replace this value with the hostname of you SCCM Server.

XXX – Replace this value with the three letter site code of the server




SCCMServerName = SCCM2012


\\SCCM2012\sms_abc\client\ccmsetup.exe /mp:SCCM2012 SMSSITECODE=ABC

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