Office 365 – Shared Mailboxes Pre-Migration Checks

Posted by on 24 Jan, 2015 in Microsoft, Office 365 | 0 comments

We had a hybrid deployment of Exchange 2010 and office 365. During the testing phase I found that if you have shared mailboxes/calendars that need to be accessed by both on premise exchange users and the users that have been migrated to office 365 then you will need to leave the mailboxes on the on premise server as they can then be accessed by both on premise exchange users and office 365 users (as long as they are on the network where the on premise exchange is located).

The other issue I found was not just migrating shared mailboxes but ANY mailbox to office 365 is that if you have the emails forwarded to another email address the forward is removed so make sure that you make a note of any forwarding on the mailboxes before you start the migration!

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