Office 365 – Lync has stopped working

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When trying to run the Lync 2013 client on Windows 7/8/8.1 you receive the error:


Lync has stopped working.


A couple of roaming staff received this error after rolling out Lync 2013 basic client onto their laptops.



The only thing in common was they were both roaming staff with laptops. After about 20 minutes or so working on one of the laptops I noticed that there was a laptop dock software installed so the laptop could connect to two monitors. I read on Google that the error may be down to the Graphics drivers so I uninstalled the dock software and it worked fine. The dock software installed its own graphics drivers for the dual monitor which were in compatible with Lync. Downloading the latest software from the manufactures website allowed the dock to work again with Lync as well. I checked the other laptop and they also had similar software installed removing and updating the software fixed the issue there also.

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