Office 365 – Fast Track Network Analysis (EMEA) Connectivity/Bandwidth tester

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If you are having issues with connecting to office 365 services in your office I recommend running the following tool to test your connectivity.  Its quite a thourgh test




  • The first check is a port test to see if the ports are open.


  1. SMTP – (TCP-25)
  2. HTTP – (TCP-80)
  3. https – (TCP-443)
  4. imap – (TCP-993)
  5. pop – (TCP-995)
  6. stun – (UDP-3478)
  7. lyncpush – (TCP-5223)
  8. rtp-audio – (UDP-50000-50019)
  9. rtp-video (UDP – 50020-50039)
  10. lyncft – (TCP – 50040-50059)


  • The second test is a route (hop) test
  • The third test is a speed test.


  • VoIP Test which is a jitter and packet loss test


  • Capacity test which shows the amount of packets the upload/download can handle without packet lost.



  • Round Trip time



  • Packet loss


  • The next three tabs show the data in graphical, summary and advanced forms. If you click on the summary tab and select test audit report this will bring up a URL you can copy and use later to bring back the results of this report.


  • Having a high consistency of service is required to make sure you do not get outlook connection dropouts (80%+)



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