Office 365 – Emails marked as private are not appearing in a shared mailbox

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Exchange 2010 and Office 365 Hybrid deployment with multiple shared mailboxes on office 365



We have a shared mailbox for a number of users and if anyone internally/externally sends emails marked as private to that shared mailbox they do not appear in the inbox. You just see an unread number next to the inbox.



If this was a normal mailbox then all you would need to do is to log into the mailbox and delegate permissions for the shared mailbox to the users who need access to the private emails. In a shared mailboxes the user accounts are marked as disabled so this is not possible.

The way round this problem is:

1) Convert the mailbox to a user mailbox in the office 365


Login as Admin on the Office 365 portal > Select Exchange > Mailboxes > Shared Mailboxes > Select the mailbox > Select convert under convert to regular mailbox

This will bring up the message below. Click OK.



2) Assign a licence and reset the user’s passwords


Login as Admin on the Office 365 portal >Select users > Active Users > Search for the mailbox > Select reset Password and assign Licence on the right hand side


3) Log into the web portal with the temporary password created in step 2 above and reset with a password of your choice


4)  Create a new outlook profile using this mailboxes details and log into outlook.


5)  Assign permissions to the groups/users that need to have access to the private emails


Outlook > File > Accounts Settings > Delegate Access > Add > Select the users/distribution groups > Assign the relevant permissions you require and make sure you select Delegate can see my private emails.



6)  You can then remove the office 365 licence and convert back to a shared mailbox in the admin portal.


Users will now be able to see the privat emails sent to the shared mailbox.


  1. Thanks for the info, I’ve been pulling my hair out over this! Users could see the emails on-premise and as they still were configured to see private emails in the O365 mailbox I couldn’t understand why they were not visible. I’ll have our team convert the shared mailbox to a user mailbox.

    • Hi Mike, I’m glad the article helped.

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