Juniper Netscreen – DNS entries changing on reboot (fixed)

Posted by on 18 Feb, 2015 in Firewalls, Juniper, Security | 0 comments

If you are using a Juniper Netscreen as a DHCP server you may find that when rebooting the device the DNS server entries for the DHCP change to the entries of the untrust port. This is down to the default DNS override settings and they can be changed either by using the GUI or Shell commands. I will show both ways below:



  • Log into the juniper and select Network > Interfaces > untrust port > Edit
  • Deselect the setting Automatic Update DHCP Server Parameters




Login to the shell (i.e. using Putty) then type the following command to disable the setting on the untrust port:

unset interface untrust dhcp client settings update-dhcpserver 



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